16. A brief comparison of 2D animation software.

Difficulty: none Skills: none Date added: 22 April 2016
Tutorial 16

These days you have a lot of options when looking for 2D animation software. This is by no means a complete list of available programs, these are the programs I have some experience with.

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#2danimation "animationSoftware

14. Creating a simple slide show with CF-SS-JS.

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS Date added: 20 October 2015
Tutorial 14

Create a simple HTML slide show using the CF-SS-JS plugin class. A basic introduction to CF-SS-JS.

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#cfslideshow, #slideshows, #cssturotials, #javascriptplugins

13. Grid Scrolling Web Sites for Modern Browsers

Difficulty: Intermediate Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS Date added: 22 November 2014
Tutorial 13

Create a unique site the moves between grid blocks with lovely CSS3 transitions. A new way to imagine websites with responsive pages.

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#gridscrolling, #parallaxscrolling, #cssturotials, #javascripttutorials

12. Full Screen Slide Show with HTML and CF-SS-JS
out of date

Difficulty: Intermediate Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS Date added: 17 November 2014
Tutorial 12

Create a full page slideshow using the CF-SS-JS plugin for visually captivating HTML pages with only a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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#slides, #cf-ss-js

11. Sequentially changing images with JavaScript

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: HTML, Javascript Date added: 22 September 2014
Tutorial 11

Creating rotating banners and such with a simple self-executing script. This beginner tutorial makes it super simple.

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#javascript, #rotatingbanner

10. Making a HTML5 Slide show with CF-SS-js
out of date

Difficulty: Intermediate Skills: HTML Date added: 28 April 2014
Tutorial 10

CF-SS-js is a relatively easy to use HTML5 slide show plugin I made. This tutorial will show you how to create a fantastic looking slide show with the simple form interface. Everything you need to know about making a slide show with CF-SS-js.

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#cf-ss-js, #html5

9. Repurposing VGA Cables for Circuit Bending

Difficulty: Intermediate Skills: circuit-bending Date added: 30 September 2014
Tutorial 9

If you're looking for a relatively simple way to join two circuit bent instruments together, the VGA cable option is a possibility. This tutorial shows how I did it for a hacked Speak-n-Spell.

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#circuitbending, #vgahacks

8. Creating "Bouncing" Elements with HTML5 and TweenLite

Difficulty: intermediate Skills: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript Date added: 17 February 2014
Tutorial 8

The new capabilities of HTML5 web sites means adding animation to static web pages is easier than ever. In this tutorial you will use the free Javascript animation library TweenLite by Greensock. This is an easy way of adding responsiveness to websites without the use of browser plugins.

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#css3 #html5 #TweenLite #animation

7. How to create spritesheets in Photoshop

Difficulty: beginner Skills: Photoshop, Javascript Date added: 12 September 2013
Tutorial 7

Spritesheet's are useful in 2D games and responsive web design to reduce the number of images loaded at run time. Using Photoshop you can make the work of creating spritesheets much easier with automated scripts. This script converts layers to individual tiles ready for export.

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#photoshop #javascript #spritesheets #tutorial

5. Animating with paths in Flash: A bouncing ball

Difficulty: beginner Skills: Flash Date added: 6 August 2012
Tutorial 5

A quick tutorial about animating with paths in Flash CS4+. You will make a simple bouncing ball that bounces across the screen. You will use the new(ish) motion tween.

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#flash #animation #motionpaths #tutorial

4. Creating a Custom Tool Tip with HTML and CSS
out of date

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: HTML CSS Flash Date added: 10 April 2012
tutorial 4

Create a custom like button with tool tip. Create the graphics with Flash and the functionality with CSS. I don't include JavaScript in this example but it's easy enough to apply your own scripts to control resizing and visibility.

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#html #flash #css #vector #tutorial

3. Adding a line-out to an electronic toy

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: Circuit bending Date added: 24 March 2012
Tutorial 5

So you have a musical toy that you think sounds awesome and you want to amplify or record the sound but there is no line out. This tutorial covers how to add a line out to any toy with a speaker. Connect directly to your amplifier and record your performance.

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#circuitbending #electronics #music #tutorial

2. Fun with String(s) in ActionScript 3

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: Flash Date added: 23 February 2012
Tutorial 2

Strings are probably the most widely used Data Type in Flash, and a fundamental part of AS3. Strings are vital to just about any app or game and can consist of any type of data, from a single line to an entire website in any language. Because of their importance, Flash offers a number of ways to search, modify and convert strings. This tutorial will show you a few of those methods and will also teach you a couple things about using TextFields in Flash.

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#actionscript3 #flash #tutorial

1. Scrolling product viewer with Flash AS3 and XML

Difficulty: Beginner Skills: Flash, XML Date Added: 6 December 2011
Tutorial 1

For our first tutorial we will be creating a product slideshow that reads data from an XML file and displays accordingly. We will be using Flash, actionScript 3 and XML to create the slideshow. You will need the Flash Authoring tool to create some graphics and a text editor to write the XML. This slideshow can be easily modified to display data of any kind. This tutorial also requires the TweenLite class available from Greensock.

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#flash #xml #actionscript3 #tutorial