CF-JS the free plugin

CF-JS is a free plugin for modern browsers for creating dynamic elements. Current releases include CF-SS-JS - a plugin for dynamic slide shows - and CF-Modal for modal pop-up elements. There are also a number of CF plugins still in development. Would you like to contribute?

Web Design/ UI

  • CF-JS

    My own range of plugins designed for webd designers and developers. Currently there is a slide show and a dialog window generator. See the CF-JS home page.

Web development

  • JQuery

    A super useful Javascript library that makes sometimes complicated actions seem easy. Jquery UI is also a fantastic library for front-end developers. Check out the Jquery home page for more.

  • AngularJS

    Google's very good Javascript/HTML application framework. And on Github.

  • Node.js

    An excellent open-source Javascript framework for server based applications.

  • PHPList

    An open-source email marketing service. Intall your own newsletter service.

HTML5 Canvas

  • Impact JS

    A very easy to use HTML 5 game engine for 2D browser games. Impact JS features a browser-based level designer. A commercial license is available for $99.

  • Gamemaker

    Another excellent browser game engine. It provides an extensive library for making a variety of HTML 5 games. Standard version available fo free.


Learning Web Design

  • Mozilla Development Network

    The definitive resource for all web development purposes.


    A complete reference to everything web. Includes definitions, legacy support and examples.

  • Stack Overflow

    More of a community than a learning tool, the forum based site provides answers for just about everything, supported by a highly active community.


  • Google Fonts

    All the web fonts you could need.


    A good selection of free and not free fonts as well as a great tool for detecting the font-family from an image source.


    Another great font resource with a number of free fonts.

Drawing, illustration

  • Manga Studio

    My personal favourite drawing application. If you use pen tablets I highly recommend it, expensive however.

  • Wacom

    If you have a ton of extra cash these people make great things. For the price of top-of-the-range laptop you can get a pen tablet that would make any digital artist orgasm. If you are looking for a cheap alternative I suggest the Genius range.