Utterly Incongruous Records

Utterly Incongruous Records

Year of completion: 2016*

Utterly Incongruous is a small net label based in Johannesburg. I built a Single Page web site using Angular.JS. A Node.JS server is being developed at the moment to enable user comments and liking. The site has built-in analytics and social media sharing. At the moment the database consists of JSON data. I also did the design, UI, and all the artwork on the site.


Delightful Caterers

Delightful Caterers

Year of completion: 2015*

The Delightful Caterers site went online a few weeks ago, it's still incomplete in terms of content. It is a fairly classic responsive framework built in HTML and PHP. Still lots to tome on this site. I designed the site to be mobile-friendly.


Taflore Foods

Taflore Foods

Year of completion: 2016

I recently did a complete redesign of the Taflore Foods web site. Taflore makes quality frozen meals. The site is still in development awaiting the client. Built in PHP and HTML.


Rema Tip Top.co.za

Rema Tip-Top

Year of completion: 2015

Rema Tip Top is a multinational engineering and materials supply company, based in Germany, with a local subsidiary in South Africa. I built the .co.za web site to bring it in line with the international brand guidelines.


EDB the Game

EDB the Game

Year of completion: 2016

EDB the Game is a browser based action platform game. Built with the HTML5 game engine Impact.JS. The game utilizes the HTML5 Canvas object, one of the best features of modern browsers which is increasingly making Flash irrelevant.

Play it!


Art gallery

Year of completion: 2015

An ever growing gallery of digital art by electric death bear. The page is a JavaScript HTML5 and CSS3 slide show which uses the CFSlideshow plugin.

View the site.

Casino Lobbies

Casino Lobby 1

Year of completion: 2014

These pages are shown within casino software. The page includes a parallax page movement for a multi-page effect made using JavaScript and CSS3 transitions. The page is displayed at 800x600px inside the application. Casino 1, Casino 2.

Casino 1, Casino 2

Casino Illustrations

Casino Illustrations

Year of completion: 2014

I have done a fair bit of work in the Casino industry, while most of it was front-end development work I have also done a bit of illustration work. Here is a gallery of some of that work with the original Illustrator files available.

view casino gallery

QuickPrint Mobile app

Canada 411

Year of completion: 2013

Quickprint is an app that lets you print photos from your mobile device to a print shop in your area, with pick up and delivery nationwide. I designed the interface for the app including some nice custom iconography. Theres a page of all the screens I did here.

screens, Mobile promotional ad.

SA Phonebook Windows Phone UI

SA Phonebook for Windows Phone

Year of completion: 2013

A UI design for the South African Telephone directory application for Windows Phones. Search page, search results and add to contact feature screens.

Screen 1, screen 2.

CF-Sliding Show Plugin


Year of completion: 2014*

CF-Sliding Show is a free to use Javascript slideshow you can plugin to your web site. The plugin is easy to implement and use. Currently in beta mode, the CF-SS plugin will be undergoing a considerable improvement over the next month. Keep up to date with CF-SS.

Find out more and download the code here.

Client Portfolio: Appster

Client work

Year of completion: 2013

Appster creates apps and games for mobile devices the most well known of which is the SA Phonebook app for iPhone, Android and Samsung devices. I have been designing screens, UI's and social media ads, as well as a couple of proposed web sites.

A full gallery of the work is here

DStv Mobile Walka Boot screens

Walka boot screen

Year of completion: 2013

The Walka 7" is a mobile digital TV system make by DStv Mobile. The device has a 7inch LCD screen and can pick up a slection of channels from the DStv bouquet. I designed a few potential boot up screens for the device with Flash. The animation was necesarily simple.

Sequence A, sequence B, sequence C,

Mobile App Design


Year of completion: 2012

A small gallery of User Interface Designs for iOS and Android platforms. Samwidge is an update from Media Parasite, a flash based video player I made some years ago, ported to HTML5.

Browse the gallery.



Year of completion: 2012

littlenova is not particularly useful as an application, it was made primarily for training. It includes some programmatic animation and OOP examples of custom UI components. The settings system can be extended and used in any project. I will be writing a tutorial on this if I ever get the time.

View the app at work here or download the source code here.


Evl Jon's World Of Trash

Year of completion: 2012

Evl Jon is a South African artist who produces recycled art from trash unlike any other. Combining street art, fine art and installations. On sale are selected objects from trash diving and paintings on found objects. The web site is both a window to the artists work and a shop for ordering pieces online. The site is currently in its initial stages.

See the template here.


YouTube channel

Year of completion: 2012*

Music videos are the priority here, I like producing content for obscure artists who otherwise may not be able to afford production content. Some animation, some video editing, the channel is always home to new content when I can get the time.

Go to channel



Year of completion: 2014

A JavaScript dialog window plugin for web designers and developers.

CF-Modal home page.

Escape from Earth Dimension 12

Escape from Earth

Year of completion: 2010*

Retro 2D platform game made with Impact.JS Javascript framework and HTML5. Blast the earthlings and save your species to escape the earth's trecherous clutches.

Play a short preview of the game.

*= Content is undergoing modifications/updates